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Self Reflection

It’s interesting to think where I was before I started the whole teacher training thing and where I am now. It could be the training, it could be other factors in my life, but as of right now, I’m just completely happy and content.

When I started training in late April / early May I was in a much different place. I had actually decided to go through with the yoga training because I felt like I needed something to “get back into life.” I was beaten down, relationships with friends were kind of falling apart, and I just didn’t feel good emotionally. And I guess that’s how I’ve been for the last year and a half (since my brother died).

Now, I feel like I have a lot of things together. I realize how much positivity can really affect not only you, but others around you. I’ve let go a lot of the negative energy around me. I’m eating healthier. I’m exercising more.

I started a new job where I don’t know anyone. It’s a fresh start. It’s like starting college where you can be whoever you want to be. You don’t have to be the person you were in high school. I’ve let go of everything that’s brought me down in the past. And it’s only been about two weeks and I’m starting to meet people that I think I can be really good friends with even outside of work.

What was really amazing is how much my friends have noticed my change. One of my good friends told me the other day, “It’s nice to see you so happy.” And I was just thinking… yeah… it is. 🙂

Class Training Completed

It’s been eleven days since I updated. Booo. Shame on me. I started a new job, but more on that later.

I completed my last physical class for Yoga Teacher Training a week ago on Sunday. Over the course of the weekend everyone in my class (eight girls) each taught a class. So… I basically took 6 classes (with me teaching one and me being the assistant on another) over the weekend. I was tiiiired.

But hey, I taught a class in front of my teacher! And my class! The hubby came as well as 5 of my dearest friends. I can’t even put in words how much in meant to me that soooo many people I love came to the class. It helped my nerves seeing people that I loved.

I messed up a couple of times, but the feedback was actually 100% positive. I felt kind of weird and almost wanted to critique myself… Is that weird? I guess I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, but I also feel like I didn’t deserve to necessarily get that good of feedback.

So now we have a 3 hour written test coming up at the end of August and graduation right before Labor Day weekend. Before then, I have to do my volunteer hours and read a shit ton of stuff. (Oh yeah, and I’m also taking an online class).

But yeah, I started a new job a week ago on Monday. And I have to say, I am really enjoying myself. It’s longer hours and less pay, but I’m much happier and the people are great. My editor is so awesome and I am so lucky to work with him. And everyone else has been AWESOME and appreciative. AND since I started I haven’t been sexually harassed ONCE! Not once! It’s kinda cool.

Anyway, off topic here. But that’s why I’ve been quiet. I’m working at an animation company now and I feel like a lot of those people can use some yoga ;p. I’m hoping that one I get my certification I could start a class before or after work or something. But I do worry a little bit about being all in gym clothes with people I work with. However, since I have yet to be sexually harassed it could potentially be OK.

Changes? Good or Bad?

The last several weeks I’ve basically cut my meat consumption in half (and been trying really hard to only consume grass fed / free range products). I’ve also been incorporating a lot more vegetables in my diet. I’m adding them in wherever I can with nearly every meal.

This past Wednesday I taught another practice yoga class from 8-9pm. I got home from work after 7 so I wasn’t going to eat a meal before I worked out. Anyway, poor planning came to bite me in butt as it became 9pm and soon 9:15pm and I was starving and not wanting to cook. So I took to “convenience foods” and made some chicken nuggets that I had got from Costco a while back. They were just your regular Tyson “all white meat” etc… frozen nuggets. I didn’t go overboard – I must have at 8 or so (sometimes I would have 10 in a single serving). I knew I shouldn’t be eating that shit, but I did anyway because it was late and I was hungry.

Let’s just say an hour late my stomach gave me a big FU and I felt like crap the rest of the night.

WTF? I’ve eating those nuggets hundreds of times. I know they’re bad for you and I know I shouldn’t be eating them… but I would think it would be okay to eat once in a while, right? Part of me is now wondering if I should be eating shit every now and then so that I won’t get sick when I do. Fresh veggies and fresh foods aren’t always an option 100% of the time…

I had a discussion with the hubby about having a once-a-month-pizza-indulgence time. (I think I could give up dairy 100% if it weren’t for pizza. Vegan cheese makes me gag and I literally cannot swallow it). Now I’m worried if I’m eating healthy all the time that I’ll have the same issues with that.

On the other hand I do feel better and I’m not as tired as often. Heck, I haven’t had coffee in over a week and I haven’t deprived myself either. I haven’t needed it.

It’s a double edged sword.

First Hour Class Taught

The last weekend of yoga teacher training is this weekend. During this final weekend we all need to teach a class in front of our instructor. In this case, since there are 8 of us, we’re each teaching a 45 minute class over the course of 2 days. It’s gonna be an interesting weekend to say the least.

Anyway, to get ready for this weekend I taught a full length hour class from my house on the 4th of July. We were having a BBQ in the late afternoon and I invited our friends to come by an hour and a half early to get a free yoga class taught by me – an in exchange I would get feedback / practice for when I have to do it “for real.” I had 6 friends come to the class.

I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be – but more things went wrong than I thought. First – I couldn’t figure out how to get the music playlist I put together off of “shuffle.” I had careful designed a playlist with slow music for the warm-up, up-tempo music for the flow, and slow music for the cool-down. Since it was on shuffle, this was not always the case – leaving a few bouncy songs for the cool-down. Oh well. Apparently I need to learn the computer skills that every eleven-year-old already knows how to do.

The second thing was… I totally forgot the sequence in our manual when trying to teach it. I think I got through the warm-up, then went to warrior one and then start started making up everything as I went along. In general, I’m not very good at memorizing… But I can use logic to come up with my own stuff. Once I threw out trying to go step by step on paper, it was easier. I used past experience in yoga classes that I have attended to try to come up with something that everyone can enjoy. No one seemed to notice.

The most difficult part of teaching was finding the line behind “no student left behind” and moving on with the class. I wanted to make sure that everyone was getting it, but trying to work with someone one-on-one and the rest of the class holding Warrior 2 while I was instructing someone was challenging. I think there were a few times where I left the classes in poses longer than I should have because I was helping someone. I suppose it all comes with practice.

My feedback was generally positive. I think the main ones were there were times I went too fast and there were other times that I could have done a better job explaining the pose. Which I appreciated, because in general I do want to teach beginners.

I plan on teaching one more class on a weeknight this week before the big day. Hopefully I can spend some more time memorizing the sequence I’m actually supposed to be teaching.

Actually Teaching

We’ve been learning a certain sequence to teach in our training, which makes it a little easier when it comes time to actually teach. I definitively plan on making it my own when I graduate though – a lot of my favorite poses are missing from the sequence. 🙂

We’ve been taking turns teaching different parts of the sequence in class. Everyone says I’m doing really well, but I’m also so nervous – so I feel like I’m not really doing as well as they say.

The first time I had to teach in front of the class – I practiced teaching the sequence to my friend. I wasn’t that nervous and everything went fine. But them moment I actually stood up in front of my fellow classmates I got extreme stage fright. But I guess I did okay since everyone seemed to like it.

Last week my yoga instructor was subbing a class and invited the girls in my class to come. I was the only one that went and he asked me if I wanted to teach the warm up. He asked me in a text as I was running out the door to the class… so I said no. I felt bad about it, but I had nothing prepared – I didn’t know it that well and I didn’t think I was ready. He tried to coax me, but I chickened out. I told him if he had asked me the night before then I probably would have done it. Though he responded by saying that sometimes you get called to teach classes out of the blue. Fair enough.

Tomorrow, we’re having people over for a 4th of July BBQ. Before we start cooking, I’m going to teach a full practice yoga class to my friends. Woo. Next weekend is the final weekend of teacher training where we have to teach a full class under observation from our instructor. I thought getting a practice class in would definitely help. I’ve been trying to create the perfect music playlist.. though maybe I should start focusing on the routine…

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