Changes? Good or Bad?

The last several weeks I’ve basically cut my meat consumption in half (and been trying really hard to only consume grass fed / free range products). I’ve also been incorporating a lot more vegetables in my diet. I’m adding them in wherever I can with nearly every meal.

This past Wednesday I taught another practice yoga class from 8-9pm. I got home from work after 7 so I wasn’t going to eat a meal before I worked out. Anyway, poor planning came to bite me in butt as it became 9pm and soon 9:15pm and I was starving and not wanting to cook. So I took to “convenience foods” and made some chicken nuggets that I had got from Costco a while back. They were just your regular Tyson “all white meat” etc… frozen nuggets. I didn’t go overboard – I must have at 8 or so (sometimes I would have 10 in a single serving). I knew I shouldn’t be eating that shit, but I did anyway because it was late and I was hungry.

Let’s just say an hour late my stomach gave me a big FU and I felt like crap the rest of the night.

WTF? I’ve eating those nuggets hundreds of times. I know they’re bad for you and I know I shouldn’t be eating them… but I would think it would be okay to eat once in a while, right? Part of me is now wondering if I should be eating shit every now and then so that I won’t get sick when I do. Fresh veggies and fresh foods aren’t always an option 100% of the time…

I had a discussion with the hubby about having a once-a-month-pizza-indulgence time. (I think I could give up dairy 100% if it weren’t for pizza. Vegan cheese makes me gag and I literally cannot swallow it). Now I’m worried if I’m eating healthy all the time that I’ll have the same issues with that.

On the other hand I do feel better and I’m not as tired as often. Heck, I haven’t had coffee in over a week and I haven’t deprived myself either. I haven’t needed it.

It’s a double edged sword.

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