Moving on Up

I love how I posted something in the middle of AUGUST about how I was slacking and need to be better about updating this thing. And now it’s the middle of October.

And re-reading that post just makes me seem like a huge douchebag. Let me complain about how good things are going.

Anyway, back to yoga. About a month ago I inquired with my HR department about teaching yoga classes at my company. She thought it was a great idea, sent out an email, and 27 people responded with interest. Wooo. However, there’s been a bunch of red tape with the building and so far they haven’t gotten back to us. Boo.

I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and starting on Monday I will be teaching classes at the park, which is in walking distance from my building. I sent out an email to those 27 people who were interested last night and so far only 2 people have gotten back to me. I’m not expecting 27 people to show up every time, but I’m hope more than 2 will.

Right now I’m struggling a bit with charging my friends for classes. There are a few people at work who I’m super tight with that I would feel bad taking money from. (And also friends of mine that I will convince to come). But I guess it’s a business, right? Though, if 27 people come, I wouldn’t have to charge as much. I suppose this is what the ‘bleeding heart’ yoga teachers have to deal with every day huh?

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