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Setbacks :(

Well I’ve had some setbacks in BOTH the running and diet change thing.

This weekend I injured my foot. I don’t know how. It actually started hurting on a “rest day.” All of a sudden it just hurt my foot to walk on it. Right where the heel met the arch. I did some research and found that my symptoms resembled those of ‘plantar fasciitis’ which sounds just as bad as actually breaking your foot. It hurts to walk and you’re not supposed to run.

And I’m super bummed because I was supposed to run my 10k this weekend for a proof of time for the Tinkerbell. I’m still holding onto to hope that I might be better by then. It might not be plantar fasciitis… I was talking to a friend of mine and she said when she had it, it felt like a knot in her foot. Mine doesn’t feel that way… so maybe… just maybe I can run on Saturday… right?

As if that wasn’t enough… this weekend Mr. Destination Yogi and I went out to dinner at a vegan restaurant. It was actually quite delicious. However, I think some of my food may have been mixed with or contaminated with seaweed or spirulina (my violent, violent food allergy). So last night was spent hovered over a toilet and now I’ve lost all appetite for anything… and especially vegan food. I remember one time I had a reaction after eating pizza and I didn’t eat pizza for two years. Somehow I managed to get over it… but it’s pizza… *shrug*. When you see stuff come back up, it makes you not want to have it back down.

So both of my goals which i JUST wrote about seem to have some obstacles in the way. I’m going to stay positive, though. Because… It makes me feel better to have hope.

New Goals!

Well, well, well… if it isn’t… me. I found that once I finished yoga teacher training and then failed to start a yoga business that it was quite difficult to continue updating this blog. However, I suppose the term “destination yogi” still applies. Because it’s still a destination, right?

I’m putting that attitude on hold for the moment. Because guess what? I’ve started training for a half marathon! What?! Yeah. Why would I ever do such a thing? Because they put the race at Disneyland. So… I’ll be running through the parks and wearing some cute little princess running outfit that I find on Esty. Or maybe make myself. Who knows? The race is in May, on Mother’s Day to be exact. So there’s plenty of time.

However, you have to submit a “proof of time” by February 1stĀ if you don’t want to be placed in the last corral. For a “proof of time” to need to have run at least a 10k in a timed event. I was reminded of this just about a week ago. I frantically signed up for a 10k that will be taking place… NEXT WEEKEND. The past week and a half I’ve been running like crazy. I finally got up to 4 miles… and hopefully 5 miles this weekend… and then 6 miles for the race. OK, it doesn’t seem so bad now that I’m looking at it. I’m giving myself one rest day a week. On my other “off” days I’m doing yoga or barre.

Oh yeah… I’m also going mostly vegetarian. Or “flexitarian.” Or “reducatarian.” WTF is that? Ever since the new year started I think I’ve had less than 10 meals total with meat in them. That’s pretty good for me. Honestly, it would be about 30 meals if I was eating my ‘normal’ way. Basically the school of thought is to reduce your intake of meat, eat more vegetables, and make sure the meat that you do eat is high quality. The hubby has been cooking vegetarian meals almost every night. Though last night I was so sick of beans that we had some chicken.

Do I feel better exercising and eating healthier? Maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’ve actually been having MORE trouble sleeping the past couple weeks. Is it a weird side effect? Also I’ve lost like 5 pounds. Should I be concerned or is it just water weight?

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