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Part of the training required us to watch a movie called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” This is available on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it.

Now, I’m not exactly sure why this was on our assignment list. You’re preaching to choir here. I would assume that most if not all of us in Yoga Teacher training is generally healthy. But I still gave the movie a chance and I found that even though I knew most of the things in the documentary, I got really inspired by the narrator’s story.

It’s about this guy Joe, who is about 310 pounds and has a rare auto-immune disease. He’s on a journey to make his body well again. He completely changes his diet with a juice cleanse for 60 days. He lives off of blended fruits and vegetables and eats nothing else. To me, this almost sounded unhealthy. Don’t you need other sources of food? However, I suppose that drinking fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days is way healthier than stuffing your face with pizza, cheeseburgers, and french fries for 60 days. Anyway, I quickly came around to the fact that this was a healthy decision. Joe was monitored throughout the entire test and had constant blood work done to make sure he was staying healthy. He had more energy than ever and was actually reversing a lot of his health issues really quickly.

During the movie he was taking a roadtrip across the US to kind of promote what he was doing. He met this other guy randomly at a truck stop who had the same auto-immune disease that he had. The other guy, Phil, was also obese but was a truck driver and not quite ready to change. Joe gave Phil his business card and told him to call him if he ever did need some help.

Joe completed his journey lost a little under 100 pounds got rid of his disease and no longer had to take medication. Phil ended up calling him a few months later and Joe set him up with the cleanse. Phil ended up getting the same results.

While I knew that fruits and vegetables were good for you, it really opened my eyes to how you can heal yourself by putting the right foods into your body.

And now I want to buy a juicer.

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