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Setbacks :(

Well I’ve had some setbacks in BOTH the running and diet change thing.

This weekend I injured my foot. I don’t know how. It actually started hurting on a “rest day.” All of a sudden it just hurt my foot to walk on it. Right where the heel met the arch. I did some research and found that my symptoms resembled those of ‘plantar fasciitis’ which sounds just as bad as actually breaking your foot. It hurts to walk and you’re not supposed to run.

And I’m super bummed because I was supposed to run my 10k this weekend for a proof of time for the Tinkerbell. I’m still holding onto to hope that I might be better by then. It might not be plantar fasciitis… I was talking to a friend of mine and she said when she had it, it felt like a knot in her foot. Mine doesn’t feel that way… so maybe… just maybe I can run on Saturday… right?

As if that wasn’t enough… this weekend Mr. Destination Yogi and I went out to dinner at a vegan restaurant. It was actually quite delicious. However, I think some of my food may have been mixed with or contaminated with seaweed or spirulina (my violent, violent food allergy). So last night was spent hovered over a toilet and now I’ve lost all appetite for anything… and especially vegan food. I remember one time I had a reaction after eating pizza and I didn’t eat pizza for two years. Somehow I managed to get over it… but it’s pizza… *shrug*. When you see stuff come back up, it makes you not want to have it back down.

So both of my goals which i JUST wrote about seem to have some obstacles in the way. I’m going to stay positive, though. Because… It makes me feel better to have hope.

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