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New Goals!

Well, well, well… if it isn’t… me. I found that once I finished yoga teacher training and then failed to start a yoga business that it was quite difficult to continue updating this blog. However, I suppose the term “destination yogi” still applies. Because it’s still a destination, right?

I’m putting that attitude on hold for the moment. Because guess what? I’ve started training for a half marathon! What?! Yeah. Why would I ever do such a thing? Because they put the race at Disneyland. So… I’ll be running through the parks and wearing some cute little princess running outfit that I find on Esty. Or maybe make myself. Who knows? The race is in May, on Mother’s Day to be exact. So there’s plenty of time.

However, you have to submit a “proof of time” by February 1stĀ if you don’t want to be placed in the last corral. For a “proof of time” to need to have run at least a 10k in a timed event. I was reminded of this just about a week ago. I frantically signed up for a 10k that will be taking place… NEXT WEEKEND. The past week and a half I’ve been running like crazy. I finally got up to 4 miles… and hopefully 5 miles this weekend… and then 6 miles for the race. OK, it doesn’t seem so bad now that I’m looking at it. I’m giving myself one rest day a week. On my other “off” days I’m doing yoga or barre.

Oh yeah… I’m also going mostly vegetarian. Or “flexitarian.” Or “reducatarian.” WTF is that? Ever since the new year started I think I’ve had less than 10 meals total with meat in them. That’s pretty good for me. Honestly, it would be about 30 meals if I was eating my ‘normal’ way. Basically the school of thought is to reduce your intake of meat, eat more vegetables, and make sure the meat that you do eat is high quality. The hubby has been cooking vegetarian meals almost every night. Though last night I was so sick of beans that we had some chicken.

Do I feel better exercising and eating healthier? Maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’ve actually been having MORE trouble sleeping the past couple weeks. Is it a weird side effect? Also I’ve lost like 5 pounds. Should I be concerned or is it just water weight?


Here’s my first Off Topic post. I’m always nervous about writing these because I wonder if anyone actually cares. But this is really my only outlet to document things at the moment so if you don’t care about my trip to Disneyland with my nieces and nephew… well you can just skip this.

I suppose it’s not completely off topic because it’s all about love, and love is a big yoga emotion, right?

I’m going to start out by saying something very sad. I’m just going to put this out there. My brother passed away in November of 2012. I always hate bringing it up. I’m OK with talking about it now, but I feel like it just brings down the mood of whoever I’m talking to. It ruins the casual small talk. “So do you have any siblings?” “Uhhh… no.” That’s usually how I handle it. But anyway. Putting it on the table. Moving on. This is a happy post.

I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew that live in Alaska with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has 2 boys that live in Oklahoma with their mother normally. So they planned a visit to Southern California with ALL of the children. First 3 days in Disneyland, 1 day in Legoland, and 1 day in Seaworld. Then we rented a house in Venice Beach for all of us to stay at. They were here a total of 8 days. The Mr. and I were a tiny bit worried how were were going to handle 5 children. But it turned out to be one of the best experiences we could have hoped for.

This was the first time we met my sister-in-law’s boyfriend and they were both really nervous about it. I have no hard feelings what-so-ever. I don’t expect her to just be sad the rest of her life. In fact, I was really happy for her that she found someone. She deserves to be happy. But anyway, the hubby and I really, really ended up liking her boyfriend (i’d be friends with him on my own) AND his children were amazing too. I was actually kind of sad that his kids weren’t actually my nephews because I grew really attached to them.

Disneyland was the first stop. Mr. DestinationYogi and I went down to Anaheim immediately after work. They had taken the red eye from Alaska and were already down there and had spent a little bit of time in the park before taking a nap in the afternoon.

It had been about a year since I saw the kids so it was like Christmas for me. I love these kids like they were my own and it really kills me inside that I can only see them once a year. My oldest niece I feel is like a clone of me. She looks just like me and has a very similar personality. She also has the same exact pickiness in eating food that I had when I was her age.

Seeing them was amazing and getting showered in hugs was a great feeling. One of the most interesting things is to me is that the kids don’t really remember the things that we’ve done together. Like any specific events. “Do you remember when we did this?” “No.” But they remembered that they loved me. I guess you can forget events but you don’t really forget feelings.

The hubby and I love Disneyland. We’ve been a bunch of times, have an annual pass, and even got engaged at Disney. With 5 children it was a much different experience. We didn’t do half of the things we normally were able to do, but we didn’t care. The trip was about them and making them happy. And somehow, the fact that we were making them happy was much better and more rewarding than if we went by ourselves and got to do everything we wanted to do.

Legoland was interesting because it was a little more child-like than you would think. Or maybe it was just about at child-like as you would think. But I’m glad that we went for the first time with children because it’s really not for 2 adults to go to on their own. My nephew is obsessed with Legos and this was a huge treat for him. He was also the only one old enough to do a special robot building this, so Mr. DestinationYogi took him for a special nephew-uncle bonding thing.

The hubby and I skipped out on Seaworld and came back early to get the house ready in Venice. The kids came up after Seaworld and we grilled some dinner and hung out in the backyard pool and hot tub.

The next couple days were just relaxing which was what we all needed. On the last full day, I took my sister-in-law and oldest niece into Hollywood and Beverly Hills while the boys and my 2-year-old niece went to the beach.

Our first stop in Hollywood was the set of “Dog with a Blog” which airs on the Disney Channel. An old co-worker of mine works on the show and she gave us a private tour of the set. We got a to meet a couple of the actors as well as the dog on the show. My niece was excited, but there was a lot of waiting around so she was a little bored. Overall, I think she enjoyed it.

Then we went into downtown Hollywood. Had lunch, did a bit of shopping… But the real fun was when we went to Beverly Hills. I thought my niece would be really bored because it was Rodeo Drive and the shopping was really for grown-ups. However she LOVED it. She’s going to be such a diva. We went into Tiffany’s jewelry store and she was so excited and called it “Heaven.” She loved looking at the shoes, jewelry, and handbags – and she’s only 8 years old!! I’m glad she had such a good time.

Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things. Not knowing when I’m going to see them again. Spending the most time with them that I ever had. Plus making a new friend (my sister-in-law’s boyfriend) and meeting 2 new children that I grew to love. But I am so thankful for every minute that I got to spend with every single person on that trip. It really made my life and realized how LUCKY I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I know we’ll see them next summer, but every year in a child’s life is a LONG time and they change so much from year to year. It’s hard. But they are the best and I know they are happy where they are.

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