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Getting Paid for Yoga! (and also foot injuries)

So far I’ve had two real paid yoga classes. The first one was about six weeks ago (which I had posted about getting the job, but never actually followed through with writing the post afterwards). Anyway, it was a good learning experience. It was “office yoga” – which basically means I came to the office and they gave me a space and I taught employees who signed up. I decided to charge a very low price, and that ended up working out great in my favor. That first class 20 people showed up!

I was pretty nervous. I made a few flubs like calling shoulders elbows and ankles wrists, but I always noticed when I did (at least I think I did) and I corrected myself. The worst offense, was when I was streaming music from my cell phone and my cell phone rang in the middle of class. (Who calls anymore?! I think i get maybe one call a week, if that.)

So anyway… for my next class (which was last night) I was a little better prepared. I rehearsed the routine for a couple hours, saying it over and over in my head. And next – I paid for and downloaded the music to my phone – so I could put my phone in airplane mode to assure I didn’t get any calls during class. Funny thing was… After the first song played – the music stopped completely and I got a download error message. I tried to fix it when the class was in child’s pose, but even when I switched it off airplane mode it still didn’t work. So I had to do the rest of the class silent. YIKES. That was a little rough, but I did okay. Overall my confidence was a lot better. Also, someone came up to me at the end of class and told me he really, really liked it. That was kind of awesome. 12 people came last night as opposed to the original 20. I was a little disappointed that I lost 8 students, but I think with anything more people are gonna show up to the first one and then get lazy and not show up.

Oh yeah, and I did all this with crazy foot injuries. I never did update about my half marathon. But it was totally awesome and I’m glad I did it, but my feet are completely messed up now. I had my first session of physical therapy this morning and a lot more is wrong with my foot than I originally thought – including tendonitis. Ugh. I don’t know if I’ll ever really be able to run. I guess I’m not a runner. But at least I’m a yogi at heart. It’s more fun anyway :).

Fitness Updates

I think it’s clear I’m not going to update this thing weekly. I’m sorry I failed all of you. However I do have several things coming up…including… MY FIRST (REAL) PAID YOGA GIG!

One of my old co-workers got a new job at a different company – and they happen to have an after work fitness program. They were looking for a yoga teacher and he recommended me. :). I’m unsure if this is a one time thing or a weekly thing, but either way I’m stoked. Also a good networking opportunity as well, since my day job corresponds with what they do :).

In order to prepare for that, I’m hosting a yoga breakfast at our place Sunday morning. Yoga followed by some breakfast. Can you think of anything better than that?

In terms of running, my half marathon at Disneyland is in 2 weeks. Last time I updated, I talked about how I came down with plantar faciitis. Well, I stayed off my foot for about 4 weeks and then hit the ground running (literally) after that. Roughly 2 weeks ago, my plantar faciitis flared up again. I’ve been staying off it, icing, etc… But this week I just got scared and went out for 2 different 2 mile runs. (and I was ok, but I could still feel it). I had gotten up to 8 miles before I had to quit. I’m worried about losing my momentum. I am running this race no matter what. So I hope to be more prepared than not. Maybe I should go to cycling classes to keep my conditioning up. I don’t know. I’m scared.

I will say this. I may quit distance running once this half is over. Not only do I keep getting injured, but since I was training so much, I’ve been missing out on my yoga, barre, and piloxing classes. I feel in less good shape because I’m basically only working my legs.

Well see what happens.

Setbacks :(

Well I’ve had some setbacks in BOTH the running and diet change thing.

This weekend I injured my foot. I don’t know how. It actually started hurting on a “rest day.” All of a sudden it just hurt my foot to walk on it. Right where the heel met the arch. I did some research and found that my symptoms resembled those of ‘plantar fasciitis’ which sounds just as bad as actually breaking your foot. It hurts to walk and you’re not supposed to run.

And I’m super bummed because I was supposed to run my 10k this weekend for a proof of time for the Tinkerbell. I’m still holding onto to hope that I might be better by then. It might not be plantar fasciitis… I was talking to a friend of mine and she said when she had it, it felt like a knot in her foot. Mine doesn’t feel that way… so maybe… just maybe I can run on Saturday… right?

As if that wasn’t enough… this weekend Mr. Destination Yogi and I went out to dinner at a vegan restaurant. It was actually quite delicious. However, I think some of my food may have been mixed with or contaminated with seaweed or spirulina (my violent, violent food allergy). So last night was spent hovered over a toilet and now I’ve lost all appetite for anything… and especially vegan food. I remember one time I had a reaction after eating pizza and I didn’t eat pizza for two years. Somehow I managed to get over it… but it’s pizza… *shrug*. When you see stuff come back up, it makes you not want to have it back down.

So both of my goals which i JUST wrote about seem to have some obstacles in the way. I’m going to stay positive, though. Because… It makes me feel better to have hope.

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